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Our polyvalent, multicultural and experienced staff provides expertise at technical and global levels, advice to SMEs and independent developers, in a variety of industry sectors, in communities as well as in the public sector, following a comprehensive project life-cycle, from the feasibility study to the implementation phase and the final outcome.


  • Strategy & Planning for sustainable development

  • Reengineering of industrial facilities

  • Social Entrepreneurship development

  • ​Operations Management

  • Recycling and reuse strategies

  • Research and Innovation within strategic clusters

  • ​Circular Economy strategic plans

  • Turnkey project design and managment

  • ​Corporate Social responsability

  • ​Vocational and Education Training programmes

  • Clusters and Start-ups development


TOJAS was established in 1991 to promote quality and novelty in the field of Innovation (turn-key project in transfer of technology), Small Size Enterprises (SME) management and strategic development, with a focus on Smart Design, Recycling, Reuse, and Vocational Education and Training, comprising innovative training approaches for social entrepreneurship, considering non-formal and informal learning methods, disruptive management and strategy models applicable to SMEs.

Considering the impact industrial and commercial activities have on biodiversity and environment, we embrace the vision that environment conservation provides substantial benefits to meet immediate communities’ needs. Environment has its own economic magnitude, so Environment 
is essential. Tojas Investimentos aims to incorporate the strategic management and conservation of natural resources currently applied into its development practices, which will result in a more sustainable approach, also allowing communities and nature to thrive.


Fostering European cooperation by designing, developing and multiplying projects and good practices through a unique platform of interaction, aiming at collectively realizing the potential for the European agendas, policies and recommendations




Emerging as a credible alternative to conventional approaches to progress through hands-on, holistic and inclusive practices that provide a constructive and tangible change in communities, by generating employment, decreasing poverty, restoring the biodiversity of the natural environment.

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